The following terms apply to the legal agreement between the Customer and ND Tuned®. By accessing, browsing, and using our online store (, the Customer acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agree to our Terms of Use.

ND Tuned® may change the terms of use at any time without prior notice to the customer, and it is recommended that customers regularly review the terms of use.

Cancellation of distance contracts (Made at

For distance contracts (online and received at the address via a carrier), Portuguese law grants the consumer a 14-day period (commonly known as the reflection period) from the date of the invoice, during which they can return the item(s) without the need to provide a reason.

In cases of free Contract Cancellation, the return shipping costs are borne by the consumer, as stipulated in article 13(2) of Decree-Law No. 24/2014 of February 14th, and the shipping costs paid for the order are not credited.

In the case of Contract Cancellation for orders in which the customer enjoys free shipping, the return costs are the responsibility of the consumer, and the initially offered shipping costs are charged (at the price stipulated in the table: through the issuance of an invoice, with the corresponding amount deducted from the refund.

Contract Cancellation (Returns) - Purchases made directly in our stores?

For purchases made directly at our premises, unlike distance purchases, Portuguese law does not require the selling company (in this case, ND Tuned®) to accept Contract Cancellation (Return) unless the item is in conformity, and in that case, we only accept exchanges/returns when a product has a manufacturing defect.

Note: Pickup of orders at our premises, resulting from reservations or purchases made previously through the Online Store, will be subject to the legislation governing purchases made directly in the commercial space and will not be considered a distance purchase.

Shipping fees vary according to the total weight of the order. ND Tuned® is not responsible for any sales taxes or other taxes imposed in the destination country or for the delivery of products.

1. Conditions for accepting Returns/Exchanges:

Although returns/exchanges are accepted within the first 14 days of distance purchases (as described above), returned items will only be accepted if they meet the following conditions:

1.1. The returned item must be intact and without any signs of use.
1.2. You must return the item along with its packaging, manuals, and accessories in pristine condition.
1.3. Along with the returned item, you must include the invoice that contains the same item.

If any of these conditions are violated, we will not be able to accept the return (and the subsequent refund) or exchange, in accordance with Article 14(2) of DL No. 24/2014.

2. Products not accepted for Returns/Exchanges:

Except for technical anomalies, there are items that, due to their nature, cannot be accepted for returns/exchanges in accordance with Article 14(2) of DL No. 24/2014.
2.1. Returns or exchanges of consumables/wear and tear products (Seals, O-rings, stickers, or bushings) or software are not accepted.
2.2. Customized products made to customer specifications, ND Tuned® is not responsible for customer dissatisfaction with the product(s) as it automatically refuses their return, as there was information/acceptance/agreement on the characteristics/specifications of the product(s).
2.4. Installed products.

3. Refund Methods for Returns:

If you request a refund for online purchases, it will be made through the same payment method as the initial payment. ND Tuned® will refund the amount paid for the item as soon as the technical condition of the product is verified and the conditions described above (Point 1) are met.

4. Initiating the Returns/Exchanges Process:

To initiate the returns/exchanges process, simply go to ND Tuned®'s premises with the item and your invoice. If you are unable to do this, you must initiate an RMA request using the form in your reserved area on the online store (, stating the cause of the malfunction. Subsequently, you must await the assignment of the RMA identification number and follow the procedures to send the item via a carrier to our facilities/headquarters (Rua Ribeira de Caceira, 14 – 3090-398 Figueira da Foz, Portugal).

If the item complies, the return shipping costs are the responsibility of the consumer.

What is not covered by the warranty?

The cost of shipping the defective product(s).
Damage caused by improper or abusive use.
Damage caused by transportation outside the original packaging.
Damage caused by inadequate equipment protection.
Equipment opened by entities other than ND Tuned®.
Equipment that has undergone attempts at repair, or actual repair, outside our service centers. Consumable products subject to wear and tear (Seals, O-rings, stickers, or bushings, ...)

Therefore, ND Tuned® does not provide a warranty nor is it responsible for equipment damaged due to improper handling, installation, or configuration. Also, any alteration to the original product invalidates its warranty.


The items sold by ND Tuned® in its online store and physical premises are covered by the legal warranty regime. Before purchasing an item, please consider the following points described on this page:
a. In case of difficulties in installing/using a product, make sure you are following all the instructions in the Instruction Manuals. If the problem persists, contact our technical department;

b. In cases of RMA, ND Tuned® is committed to doing its best to exchange your product as quickly as possible. All products received at our facilities for RMA are tested and shipped as quickly as possible.

c. In the case of discontinued products, the exchange may be made for an equivalent or superior product currently on the market. However, this exchange is solely the responsibility of the supplier/manufacturer. You may also receive a credit note to use for future purchases in our store(s);

d. RMA requests are made through the form in the Customer's reserved area. Failure to follow the procedures described in that section will result in the return of the product at the customer's expense;

e. Please note that any alteration to the original product INVALIDATES ITS WARRANTY. For example: removal of serial number stickers or other warranty-related labels. In all these cases, the RMA is immediately REJECTED;

f. Regardless of whether the equipment has a warranty or not, whenever it is received for repair and no malfunction is detected, or if the malfunction has been caused by incorrect use, a fee may be charged to cover logistics costs;

g. The deadline for picking up equipment for repair is 30 days after the document is registered; otherwise, the material is considered abandoned under Article 1267/1a of the Civil Code, and ND Tuned® is no longer responsible for the integrity of the equipment. From the moment it is considered abandoned, the owner is obliged to pay a penalty of 2.5 Euros for each day of delay in picking it up. After 3 years from the date of the document, the material becomes the property of ND Tuned® by way of prescription. In the event of debt, ND Tuned® has the right to retain all the material in its facilities until the debt is fully paid.

Applicable Law

All purchases made on this website and these terms and conditions are subject to the laws of Portugal. 

ND Tuned® Advice and Tips

ND Tuned® understands the usefulness of the established reflection period for the Customer; however, this does not negate the fact that, before making a purchase, the Customer should try to ensure as much as possible that the product will really meet their expectations and be in line with their interests and tasks. Nowadays, the Internet is a powerful tool for information and clarification of doubts. ND Tuned® recommends its Customers to read and, if possible, follow these points:

Before purchasing a product, make sure it meets your needs.

Before purchasing a product, check its characteristics on the product or through one of our emails. Don't forget: the Internet is a powerful tool for information and clarification of doubts.

Before purchasing a product, see if you have any friends, colleagues, or family members who own the same product and, if so, try to get feedback.

If you are going to buy/pick up your equipment at a Physical Store, ask the seller any questions you find necessary.

After purchasing the product, always be careful when opening the box/packaging. In the case of returns/exchanges, the more you respect the conditions in which you return the product, the easier it will be for all parties involved (not applicable to items mentioned in points 2.1 and 2.2).